Incursion-MIL Special Forces Tactical Vest



A knife resistant diver’s surface buoyancy vest designed specifically for the Incursion-CMR

rebreathers and tactical vests, to keep the diver on the surface when required.

Below: reverse side showing lift point and RM

option for rear mounting of the rebreather.



• Modern tactical vest designed for Incursion

rebreather by marine Special Forces.

• Incursion-CMR rebreathers clip directly to the

tactical vest.

• Incursion Surface Buoyancy Vests clip directly.

• Super-hyperlon TPU laminate, laser cut and welded.

• Knife resistant, with internal plate carriers

accommodating Level IV body armour (4 plates)

• Molle webbing, laser cut.

• Immediately dry / Fast drying / Fast drain

• Crotch strap and lifting points built into a single

continuous 1800kg rated webbing, TPU coated and


• Fast donning and doffing with sand tolerant moulded

velcro cummerbund.

• Non-magnetic.

• Available with 750kg helicopter lift fittings as option.


Weight: 1.2kg

Lift: 120kg, or 750kg with Helicopter Lift Fittings option

Use: Tactical Vest for military diver use with Incursion-CMR rebreather

Armour: Plate carriers for Level IV body armour up to 11” x 14” (front and rear), 6” x 8” (side plates),

from 0mm up to 20mm thick.


Giant: Chest sizes from 50” to 70”

Standard: Single model fits chest sizes from 36” to 58”.

Extra Small: Chest sizes from 32 to 52”


Model number – OSEL-Incursion-TV-SF-(RM)-(HL)


RM – Accommodates both front mounting and rear mounting of the rebreather.

HL – Helicopter lift fittings.

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