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The Transit Suit is designed for transit by boat on water, for example when travelling to a windfarm to commence work. The suit also performs well for similar on-water activity where warmth and protection from the water are essential.

The suit’s material is waterproof and it features super-soft neck and wrist seals to protect from water sprays, splashes and falling into the water.

A host of useful features complement the suit, including Kevlar® reinforcement, an integrated hood, a comfortable adjustable collar, multiple pockets with different functions, a snap hook and a whistle.

Flexi-Light sticks can be purchased separately to fit inside the Transit Suit’s removable right arm pocket.

Custom options are available for customers that wish to add or replace suit elements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All Northern Diver stock suits are fitted with a standard size of neck/wrist seals and boots/socks for the size of the suit. Please refer to the Suits Size Chart in the documents section to view the sizes fitted.

If the standard sizes of neck, wrist and footwear will not fit you, we can make alterations. Please leave a note for special alteration requirements at check-out stage or email/live chat message us. Please be aware alterations on stock suits may be chargeable.


Custom Tailored Suits & Suit Repairs

Custom Tailored Suits & Suit Repairs

Custom tailoring options are available on stock size drysuits – perfect for people who wish to add other elements such as neck, wrists, pockets, reflective panels and much more. Drysuit repairs are available for all suits – visit the Custom Tailored and Suit Repairs page for more information.

Elite Division

Elite Division

Advanced technologically designed drysuits.


YKK® Aquaseal® Zips

YKK® Aquaseal® Zips

YKK® AQUASEAL® zippers are perfect for diving. This zip has been designed to be flexible and smooth, offering optimum protection with a film-coated tape and an innovative zipper element mechanism. Keeping the water out and you dry.



Mens Suits Size Chart


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