4mm Reversible Dive Hood (Skin Face Seal)



Manufactured from 4mm super-stretch neoprene, this hood offers two ‘reversible’ options.

For superior high visibility, there is a fluorescent yellow option with light/radar reflective silver over printing.

This reverses to a plain ‘all black’ conservative option, both with smooth skin face seal.



Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.

Superstretch Neoprene

Superstretch Neoprene

A 4-way stretch neoprene, super stretchy comfortable and versatile. Used on the neck and wrist seals of drysuits and wetsuits.

Unisex Sizes

Unisex Sizes

This suit is available in unisex sizes. Look at the documents tab to view our size charts and measuring guide.



Neoprene Products Manual


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