Coda Dual V2 Diving Fins



High power is delivered through these underwater fins with less effort required from the diver. The split design allows water to flow in-between and around each of the twin blades, which flex independently to produce propulsion.

The V2 Coda fins offer the ideal balance between a lightweight, soft, short split fin that is easy to kick but requires a lot more kicks to produce the same level of thrust; and a stiff fin with a long blade length that uses too much energy to produce effective propulsion. The V2 Coda are an easy kicking, high thrust fin that deliver the ultimate mix of speed and efficiency.

The Coda Fin is built from a lightweight material that has high energy characteristics to lower the diver’s energy use and increase efficiency. Vents where the foot pocket meets the blade help to decrease drag on the up stroke and increase thrust on the down stroke by channelling water to flow through the vents, increasing efficiency and reducing the fatigue that often occurs when using conventional paddle fins.


Split fins are designed to mimic nature. To achieve this, the blades have been specifically designed…

  • The outer rails provide the main structure and rigidity, storing and releasing energy
  • Semi rigid panels in the blade provide control over how the blade flexes and changes shape during the kicking cycle, allowing a precise wing shape
  • The split blade allows the fin to form a pair of wings to cut through water to reduce drag which effectively drags the diver forward
  • A high surface area improves directional control
  • Strong but flexible joints between the semi rigid panels allow the blade to react far quicker to each kicking movement
  • The position and shape of the foot pocket provides a stress-free fit



  • Designed to keep you swimming for longer
  • Less fatigue during the dive and very little risk of cramps
  • Provides maximum propulsion with minimum effort
  • Efficient split-fin design
  • Superb power and performance
  • Non-magnetic design ideal for Military use
  • Heavy duty build quality – specially formulated thermal plastic rubber, fine-tuned to give an excellent balance between flexibility and rigidity
  • Slice through the water with minimal resistance rather than pushing against the water with brute force like conventional paddle fins
  • A smooth and stable kicking motion
  • Drag-reducing vents where foot pocket and blade meet radically decrease drag on both up and down strokes
  • Full manoeuvrability for both slow and rapid movements in the water
  • Quick-connect swivel buckles allow for easy donning and doffing


  • Build: thermoplastic vulcanizate, EPDM-elastomer
  • Weight pair: 2.6kg (4.6lbs)
  • LxWxD580*240*70mm (22.8*9.4*2.7”)
  • Colour: black


  • Medium | UK 4-6 | EU 37-39 | US 5-7
  • Large | UK 7-10 | EU 40-44 | US 8-11
  • XL | UK 11+ | EU 45+ | US 12+

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