Omega Flip Fin



These unique fins give an uncomplicated transition from walking to swimming, the flip fins are ultra light weight and are designed to withstand the toughest of operational conditions. For walking use, the fins feature a comfortable curved pocket sole, with a raised slip resistant thread design to avoid the risk of slipping.

Used during airborne water entries, as in helicopter water rescue and Special Operations water jumps. They save time and energy and provide safety during diver’s descent and entry into water.

The design fits most drysuit boots, special ops tactical boots and your normal regular dive boots.

When in the water, the user simply kicks out as though they are finning which enables the fin blade to be secured in place, the uniquely designed two-piece hinged fin allows blades to fold up to allow maximum mobility out of the water and take that first kick once in the water. The flip fins give the user outstanding propulsion with the slightest bit of effort.

Specially designed for Water Rescue, SAR swimming, Search and Recovery missions

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