Varilux Micro Rechargeable Dive Light



A powerful, rechargeable dive light specially designed for underwater use.
The Varilux Micro, for your convenience, is an ultra-compact and lightweight dive torch – it serves as the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

The maximum output of 850 lumens will burn for approximately two hours and on the lowest output of 80 lumens, it will last approximately 28 hours. Like most torches in our Varilux range, light output is controlled via a magnetic induction switch.

Producing much more power than its small and slim profile might suggest, the Micro gives plenty of light for a night dive or looking into dark parts of wrecks. The conveniently compact Micro has a depth rating of 100 metres (328’) and is a great choice for a primary light for travelling divers. Its small size means the Micro is also a perfect back up torch to stow away in a drysuit/BCD pocket or on a D-Ring.


• Build: Anodised aircraft aluminium
• LED: SST40
• LED lifespan: 10,0000 h
• Brightness: 90 – 850 lm
• Burn time: 2 – 28 hours
• Beam distance: 280m (919’)
• Peak beam intensity: 20000cd
• Impact resistance: 1m (3’3)
• Depth rating: 100m (328’)
• Colour temperature: white light
• Mode: high/low
• Switch design: push button
• Lens: coated glass lens
• Battery: 18650 3.7 V, 2600 mAh
• Low battery indicator
• Charging: magnetic port
• Size: 145*35.5 mm (5.7*1.4”)
• Weight (inc battery): 185g (0.4lbs)


• Dive light
• Magnetic USB cable
• Magnetic connector
• Lanyard
• Storage case
• User manual



Micro Torch Manual

Micro Torch Data Sheet

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