Military Titanium HRC50 Knife



A serious knife designed for divers who need a no-compromise blade that won’t rust.

Our Northern Diver HRC50 Knife is classed as a « combat diver knife ». The blade is made from high quality 50HRC beta titanium alloy, so it’s an ideal dive knife for recreational scuba divers and professionals. With a full shank drop pointed tip blade, the knife is great for cutting, digging and prying. It also has a line cutter further down the blade which provides purchase enabling you to keep the line in place while the blade administers a swifter, cleaner cut – it’s specially designed to cut through lines, webbing and rope. The top edge is serrated so the knife can easily be used for sawing. The 125mm blade is housed in a strong, black plastic casing with an ergonomically moulded sure hand curved grip for easy handling. This is to ensure maximum grip even when wearing thick neoprene dive gloves. This strong housing makes the overall length of the knife 260mm. With all these features, we think you’ll struggle to find a better large dive knife.

All the metal components on the ND Military Titanium HRC50 are Titanium Alloy including the knife blade. The knife is non-magnetic and gets it HRC50 name because of it’s place on the Hardness Rockwell C-Scale. This makes it the strongest titanium in the World. It offers superior rust protection with 100% NO RUST.

Our Military Titanium HRC50 Knife comes in a super strong, self-draining nylon sheath with a squeeze and release locking mechanism. One of the most effective dive knife locking mechanism available on the market. The sheath is adapted to reduce blade noise whilst walking or running. While the Neoprene leg harness is user adjustable, offering comfort and automatic compensation for wetsuit compression it also has quick disconnect buckles.

The pointed tip also makes this a great knife to support spearfishermen. If you want a companion knife that can easily penetrate fish to dispatch them quickly, the ND Military Titanium HRC50 is an ideal knife for you.



Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.

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