5m Inflatable Walkway



Our Inflatable Walkways are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used as a path, platform, pontoon or raft.

2 sponsons running underneath the Walkway give it excellent stability.

As well as water and unstable terrain, it can also be used on ice.

The Inflatable Walkway is available in 2m5m as standard and custom sizes can be ordered please contact us to discuss your options.


Whats Supplied With The Inflatable?

  • 1+ Inflation Valve Fittings
  • 1x HP2 Inflation Hand Pump
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Repair Kit & Tools

On one of the images we can see BARB Search & Rescue Team in Training using the Inflatable Walkway and the RR4 Rescue Sled.



  • Overall length – 500cm
  • Overall width – 120cm
  • Internal width – N/A
  • Sponson/pontoon dia. – coming soon
  • Floor materials – DWF
  • Floor thickness – 10cm
  • Gross weight – 42kg
  • Carton/packing dims. – 125*68*40cm
  • Chambers – 2+1
  • Max inlet fill (sponsons) – 0.35bar/5psi
  • Max inlet fill (floor) – 0.7bar/10psi
  • SS316 stainless steel D-rings – 4L+12M
  • Handles – 4
  • Max loading – coming soon
  • Max persons – coming soon

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