RR2 Rescue Sled



A versatile water rescue craft for use in rivers, lakes, flooded areas and remote bodies of water.

The RR2 rescue sled was developed as a casualty transfer system for use across a wide range of water rescue scenarios. It’s designed to be easy to manoeuvre and can be paddled, pulled by in-water personnel or towed by a motor boat or a jet ski to the point of rescue.

When attached to the side of a boat or a pontoon, the sled can act as a platform for enabling the easy recovery of casualties. A variety of stretchers can be located on top of the sled and used in conjunction with a four-point lifting harness.

The sled’s 15 centimetre thickness gives a stable platform for rescue personnel. If required, two sleds can be joined together with a twinning rig to form a larger platform.

Both inflated and deflated, the RR2 is lightweight and portable. When deflated, the sled can be packed into its supplied carry bag for storage or transit.

The sled’s single chamber makes inflation simple and as quick as possible. A hand inflation pump is supplied, however we also stock rapid inflation systems.

The innovative properties of the unit’s design make it suitable for other hazardous environments such as ice, snow or wetlands.

For any advice on this equipment, feel free to contact us.

We also manufacture larger models with different features. These are the RR3 and RR4.

What’s supplied with the inflatable?

  • 1x Twin blade paddle
  • 2x Inflation valve fittings
  • 1x HP2 inflation hand pump
  • 1x Storage bag
  • 1x Maintenance kit & tools



  • Overall length – 300cm
  • Overall width – 100cm
  • Internal width – N/A
  • Sponson/pontoon dia. – N/A
  • Floor materials – DWF
  • Floor thickness – 15cm
  • Gross weight – 23.7kg
  • Carton/packing dims. – 110*60*28cm
  • Chambers – 1
  • Max inlet fill (floor) – 0.7bar/10psi
  • SS316 stainless steel D-rings – 4S+10M+5L
  • Handles – 6+5
  • Max loading – 450kg
  • Max persons – 2+1

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