Underwater Wearable Diver Thrusters - Personal Propulsion System



A state-of-the-art wearable system offering military operators the advantage of battery powered underwater propulsion to enhance performance and reduce fatigue during missions.The Northern Diver Thrusters are a personal underwater propulsion system designed for Military combat swimmers.

Developed and manufactured in the U.K. by Northern Diver, our Thrusters are at the forefront of innovation. They offer hands free propulsion, via the latest technology, unrivalled construction and expert engineering, to effectively enhance performance and reduce fatigue during tasks, revolutionising combat swimming, reconnaissance tasks, search & rescue operations and inspection works.



  • Personal propulsion with tow ability
  • State-of-the-art motors and drive components produce impressive thrust
  • Innovative propeller design increases life cycle of the system and reduces servicing intervals
  • Seamless controller interface
  • Option to pre-plan system settings
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Corrosive resistant
  • Streamlined underwater profile
  • Use in a variety of applications
  • Developed with technology exclusive and unique to Northern Diver


Through the application of hydrodynamics and intensive university research, Northern Diver have maximised the efficiency and power of the Thrusters to reach their full potential. We are constantly working to ensure the user’s kit will provide the best streamlined profile underwater, to reduce drag and increase the speed of our Dive Thrusters. The development of a sleek battery cover and ensuring the battery housing harness remains as low profile as possible, will further enhance performance.


The various user groups applications have been considered when designing and configuring the thrusters harness systems. The equipment has been refined for seamless integration with the user’s standard kit. The thrusters include two choices of harness and belt for wearing the kit.

  • Tactical harness improves comfort, practicality, and usability, the controller can be configured to right or left.
  • A tactical lightweight belt with removable shoulder straps to further improve integration with fully kitted operators.

We cater sizes to a wide range of combat swimmers and both systems feature quick release buckles which allow the battery pack to be changed under water. They also have a MOLLE Systems for storage.


In addition to the manual control provided, the Thrusters have the capability to be remotely operated with Northern Diver’s NIMROD underwater navigation system.
This enables the user to alter their speed without removing his hand from the navigation equipment giving complete control, whilst maintaining a smooth underwater profile. NIMROD console with DVL makes your mission fully covert.

Did you buy another manufacturer’s thrusters? Northern Divers NIMROD underwater navigation system can control your thrusters wirelessly with the addition of a compact adaptor which is easily fitted. Contact us to discuss.



  • Tactical Harness or lightweight belt
  • Motor assembly (left and right)
  • Propeller assembly (left and right)
  • Controller assembly and cable
  • Thruster cables
  • Battery assembly, charger and charger blank
  • Hard storage R.A.I.D case
  • User manual


To ensure the long life of your dive thruster kit we offer maintenance kits and the option to purchase spare parts. The kit features the basic items required to maintain the operation of your dive thrusters and includes a small waterproof hard case for easy transportation.

Each kit includes: allen keys, spanner, propellers and silicone grease
All components that make up the Northern Diver Dive Thruster System can be bought as a separate part if required. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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