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FFP3 Disposable Protective Face Masks



FFP3 protective masks are EM & medical grade and offera filter penetration limit of at least 99% of airborne particles (95L/min).Designed to have a good fit and complete seal for all face types and sizes and is disposable and for single use.

Standards applied:

• FFP3 (99%+ partial filter penetration limit)
• EU MDD Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices as a Class 1 Device
• EU Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices as a Class 1 Medical Device, with original implementation date May 2020, without the requirement for Regulation 2020/561 postponing implementation.
• EU PPE Regulation 2016/425. The product is marked as a Class I PPE device and meets all requirements for a Class III PPE device for filtration to FFP3 level with particles down to 100nm in diameter.
• EN1822-4 for biological protection
• EN:149:2001-A1:2009 Dust and biological protection masks
• EN 1073-2 Barrier to radioactive particulates


• CE marked
• Non-valved
• Elasticated straps
• Comfortable to wear
• Soft fabric construction
• Disposable
• Metal nose strip for a good seal
• Each mask packaged separately


Fitting instructions:
Before handling the product you must ensure your hands are clean, do not use if damaged.
1 – Unfold FFP3 mask to form a cup shape
2 – Hold mask with one hand and move straps to the outside of the mask
3 – Place mask over face and place straps overhead, making sure the straps do not cross
4 – Conform nose clip to form a tight seal to the nose using both hands
5 – Inhale sharply, this will check if the air leaks
6 – If air leaks around the nose adjust the nose clip
7 – If air leaks around the face adjust the straps
8 – If air leaks cannot be prevented then do not use the mask


Please note: this item is non-returnable.



FFP3 Face Masks Datasheet

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