Diving Torch Wrist Mount



This wrist mount is designed to fit diving torches from 25-40mm in diameter.

Please ensure that the torch you intend to use with the mount is of a suitable length for wrist mounting. Feel free to contact us for advice if you’re unsure.

Mounting a torch on your wrist for diving is great for a convenient, hands-free light source.

Our wrist mount’s two strategically placed hook-and-loop straps make for a secure, comfortable fit. One strap goes under the palm of the hand, and the other fits around the wrist.

To mount the torch, place it on the sturdy plastic torch base and secure with the adjustable rubber strap.

The strap has three notches on one side. These are chosen depending on the size of the torch being used. The notch used is fitted under the lip on the plastic base. The other side of the strap is also fitted under the lip in this way.

In terms of Northern Diver torches, the mount fits our Varilux Micro and Travel II. One is supplied with each Varilux Tec torch.


Torch Wrist Mount Datasheet

Torch Wrist Mount Instructions

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