OTS ABV® for Spectrum FFM



The Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV®) – build for the Spectrum FFM, designed for you.

Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) are calling their ABV® « their most highly anticipated accessory for the Spectrum Full Face Mask ever » and we couldn’t agree more. The Spectrum ABV® comes with everything you need to start conserving air.

What’s the benefit of adding the ABV to the Spectrum?

The Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV®) was the most requested accessory for the OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask (FFM) because it enables a diver to conserve air on the surface.

How does it work?

It’s designed to allow divers to breathe ambient air once whilst they’re at the surface, this in turn conserves tank air. Essentially when the valve is in the open position, a diver can breathe normally without removing the FFM and without using the air from their primary air source.

A check valve on the inside of the OTS ABV® allows ambient air to enter the valve; air is then exhaled out through the regulator.

The ABV® was designed with simplicity, durability and reliability in mind.

How would I install the ABV® onto the Spectrum Full Face Mask?

Installation is pretty simple, it only requires a few minutes.

  1. Remove the existing inner frame from the mask, then insert the supplied ABV® inner frame.
  2. Thread the locking nut onto the innerframe. Tighten the locking nut firmly onto the mask using the supplied wrench.
  3. Slide the rubber sealing gasket over the locking nut.
  4. Thread the ABV® body onto the mask. Tighten firmly to ensure that the ABV® doesn’t leak when submerged.
  5. Align the mounting holes, then using a screwdriver, thread the locking screw into the mounting holes to lock the ABV® in place.

Your Spectrum FFM ABV® is installed and ready to use!

Please note: Don’t over tighten the ABV cap. Over tightening can cause the cap to become difficult to open.

How do I check my ABV® is properly installed?

Don’t dive in the Spectrum FFM if the ABV® is leaking water, tighten or re-install the ABV® if there is any sign of water leakage. Breathe the Spectrum mask with at least two full breaths, watching the submersible pressure gauge; there should be a slight drop in pressure. This will ensure the diver has the air supply turned on and the ABV® is closed properly.

What’s in the box?

  • Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV®) this includes an inner frame, locking nut, saeling gasket, the ABV® body, ABV® cap, a stop screw and a locking screw
  • OTS Wrench
  • Printed Instructions, safety notice and limited warranty documentation

The Spectrum ABV® comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Want to buy it and the Spectrum together?

No problem, because Northern Diver is an OTS authorised reseller, you can buy a brand new Spectrum mask with the ABV® from us too.

Please note: Before descending in water, close the ABV®. Please read and ensure you understand all the instructions included with your Spectrum ABV® prior to diving with it. Prior to each dive it is the diver’s responsibility to ensure proper functionality. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.



  • Air conservation accessory
  • Includes: Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV®), OTS Wrench, Printed Instructions


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