OTS Eyewear Kit for Guardian FFM



Eyewear Kit. Add your prescription lenses to wire frames in your OTS Guardian Full Face Mask.
With the Guardian Full-Face Mask Eyewear Insert, enjoy a clear view underwater with securely mounted, custom engineered and field-tested prescription ready eye gear.

Wide, unobstructed field of view:
Custom engineered; sized, shaped and angled for the Guardian FFM to enhance your confidence, safety, task performance and visual experience.

Vertical linear adjustment for precise and comfortable fit, perfect for strong prescriptions and bifocals.

Prescription ready:
Patented compression lock screws for a secure lens fit.

Quick and easy mounting:
User friendly-installs in seconds.

Rugged and reliable:
Secure mounting platform and high-performance lens frame enable well supported strong prescriptions and multifocal.

Sleek, low profile styling with a proprietary premium finish:
Optician assisted design coupled with front-line feedback assures you a comfortable, secure and visually optimised system.

User satisfaction:
Eye gear that is comfortable as a standard pair of eyeglasses.



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