OTS Spectrum GoPro Camera Mount



Capture your dives the OTS Spectrum way

Alongside their ABV accessory, the OTS Spectrum GoPro Mount is another fantastic way to enhance and optimise your Spectrum FFM.

Using this fantastic addition, divers can now mount a GoPro directly to the Spectrum Full Face Mask (FFM).

The new GoPro Mount for the Spectrum FFM allows a diver to add a GoPro to the top of the FFM by attaching the mount to the top of the frame and securing it with the supplied screw. The Spectrum GoPro Camera Mount is a great add-on for divers who love to video their dives!

Is it easy to install the Spectrum GoPro Mount?

Yes it is, the mount is installed by mounting the bracket to the top of the FFM and securing it with the provided Philips Screw.

Here at Northern Diver we’re big fans of this latest Spectrum accessory from Ocean Technology Systems (OTS). As an OTS authorised reseller, we can provide OTS communications products as well as their masks and accessories.


  • Fits: OTS Spectrum (FFM) Full Face Mask
  • Durable corrosion free mount material
  • Mount Installed by mounting bracket to top of FFM
  • Secures with provided Philips screw fittings
  • Capture point of view (POV) video & stills whilst diving
  • Easy installation


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