Smart Power battery box



Basic Smart Power battery box specs.

  • Suitable for batteries up to 100ah Capacity
  • External size, including lid (mm): L 420 x W 240 x H 320
  • Internal size (mm): L 355 x W 190 x H 260
  • Carry weight: 35kg

The Smart Power Battery Box.

This Smart Power battery power box is a unique 12volt power station. It quickly, easily and safely stores and distributes power from a 12volt marine battery directly to your appliances.

Perfect for trolling motors, the rugged design makes it a great accessory for small boats. With support for multiple 12v DC accessories and USB charged electronics, the battery box offers greater convenience and more connection opportunities than some competitor models.

The Smart Power battery box is designed to help you easily move your boat battery. The box makes it easier to store your battery at home and check ahead of use when taking it out. Transporting the battery is safer too. It helps to ensure that your clothes don’t come into contact with potentially hazardous battery chemicals. The Smart boat battery box also comes complete with a robust nylon support strap and is suitable for up to 100ah batteries. All you need to do is store your battery inside the impact resistant polypropylene battery box and connect the internal battery leads. These battery leads will then run through a battery switch and on to multiple power outlets found on the battery box lid.

The power outlets available through the battery box lid consist of a:

  • positive and a negative wing nut thread for eyelet 12v terminal connection
  • 5v USB socket, great for recharging a phone or tablet
  • DC12V (cigarette lighter type) socket with 10amp breaker on socket
  • 60amp breaker on 12volt connections.

Additional Smart Power battery box features.

The box also has a battery power gauge that displays the power status of the installed battery via an LED display through the simply push of a button. This give you a rough idea of the amount of power the battery has left in it while you’re out and about. The non-slip rubber feet make your box safer by ensuring it stays in place. The external battery ports enable you to safely and easily connect your trolling motor and electrical equipment via the various ports in the lid. The integrated circuit breakers (10amp on 5v port and 60amp on the 12v ports) mean you can be confident that your items are protected from electrical damage.

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