Lug Pouch PFD Storage Solution



Specifically designed to offer excellent utility in any rescue environment. The Lug Pouch can carry anything from Carabiners, Prusiks, Flexi-LightsSafety Tapes and Rescue Slings to Medical equipment & can be stored on the Lug Pouch Storage Bag prior to use, ready for any call-out. Encapsulated panels are not included with the lug pouch but can be ordered separate by contacting the team. Northern Divers handy Lug Pouch is compatible with any PFD that has a hook Velcro strip on the back of the jacket.


Lug Pouch Key Features

  • Velcro securely fastens to PFDs & Storage Bag
  • Securely fits to Velcro panel on our Evo Pro 5 & 6 PFDs
  • Accessible storage without adding cumbersome to jacket
  • Space to fit custom removable Encapsulated Panel
  • Additional space to attach our Flexi-Light sticks
  • Webbing loop for easy & quick one-handed removal
  • Large interior space with split compartment
  • Mesh exterior removes the risk of any water build up
  • Size: 305 x 160 x 40mm (12” x 6.3” x 1.6”) approx.

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