Dunlop Safety Wellington Boots



This Dunlop full safety standard wellington boot is constructed with Purofort®, a material developed by Dunlop, which contains millions of evenly-distributed air pockets and utilises a cross linked structure – this results in a lightweight, thermally insulating boot that’s also strong and flexible.

The boot is fitted with a steel toe cap and mid sole for safety, and it’s insulated against the cold down to -20 degrees C (rated). Additionally the boot is EN345 compliant and is of S5 safety category with SRA slip resistance.



  • Best safety practice is offered with steel toe cap & midsole
  • Constructed with insulated waterproof polymer upper
  • Antistatic and energy absorbing heel
  • Temperature resistant to -20 degrees centigrade
  • Resistant to minerals, vegetable oils, fats, blood and manure
  • Resistant to disinfectant & various chemicals
  • Conforms to EN345 safety footwear standards



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