Incursion CMR - Combined Mode Military Rebreather


The rebreather is supplied as a base unit, onto which a mission configuration pack is plugged in.

These mission packs are:

  1. O2-CCR for shallow water operations
  2. SCR for deep water operations
  3. O2-CCR & SCR switchable for complex mission profiles or to reduce decompression.
  4. Back-mount mission pack to provide both instant bailout and gas addition direct into mouthpiece. A dedicated back mount version is also available.

The base unit is Non-Mag, and all configurations are available in both standard Low-Mag and Non-Mag (NATO STANAG 2897 NM-B and NM-A).


A rebreather recycles the gas exhaled by the diver, removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen, to form a closed loop.  This results no bubbles, low noise, and constant buoyancy and dive durations typically five times longer than for an equivalent weight of Open Circuit: gas consumption on a rebreather is independent of depth.

Dirty gas exhaled by the diver (illustrated red in images) passes though a counter-lung, where the oxygen is added by an automatic diluent loop volume valve (ADV). It then passes into the CO2 absorbent canister (“the scrubber”) where the CO2 is removed. The clean gas (illustrated green in images) then passes into the inhale counter-lung. The gas then returns to the diver’s mouthpiece, clean, ready to breathe.

Any water is blocked by snorkel tubes and can be dumped from a water dump: even a fully flooded Incursion can be recovered without surfacing. The Micropore EAC Scrubber avoids a caustic cocktail.

In dual CCR & SCR mode, a switch allows the rebreather to be set while underwater for pure O2-CCR mode use for shallow diving, or to SCR mode for Nitrox or Trimix use.  In SCR mode a constant mass of gas per minute is fed into the rebreather – the oxygen is partially metabolised by the diver and the excess is vented via the Over Pressure Valve (OPV).


Developed out of the British and Norwegian rebreather safety initiative for commercial North Sea divers, a 200 man-year project, the Incursion CCRs are believed to be the safest rebreather that can be engineered today.  The Incursion is the only military rebreather to be certified to meet any recognised Functional Safety standard: in this case, to the Gold Standard, IEC EN 61508, and at the most onerous level (SIL3) including all mechanics, electronics and software options.

Full compliance with all applicable safety standards, with open publication of the safety case and safety documentation are cornerstones of the design.


Choose from the following set ups:

  1. Incursion CMR Base Unit
  2. O2-CCR Mission Pack
  3. SCR Mission Pack
  4. PPO2 Monitoring Pack
  5. Switched Mode Mission Pack


Fail evident, fail safe and triple redundancy of critical safety barriers are unique aspects in the Incursion CMR. A good example is in the Gas Switch, where three failures must occur simultaneously before Nitrox gas can leak into the oxygen circuit – something that requires just one failure of competitors’ products.  Moreover, the Incursion gas Switch uses multiple technologies to avoid any common-mode failures.


Contact the military team or download data sheets from the documents tab.

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