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Clearance Diver Drysuit - MCM Role


This drysuit design has been provided to the Royal Navy over the last 14 years and used by our specialist MCM Dive Teams.  

The drysuit is completely Non-Magnetic and used against ordinance for search and detonation tasks. The suit is used operationally in both deep and shallow water in arctic and temperate conditions.  Compatible for use with Re-Breathers and Air Diving Sets.



  • 4mm neoprene
  • Triple glued, blind stitched seams
  • Front or rear entry options
  • Non magnetic heavy duty 6 pitch BDM suit zip and fly zip
  • Zips fitted with protective zip covers
  • Non magnetic low profile valves
  • Neoprene neck seal
  • Latex wrist seals
  • Overprinted Kevlar® knee protection
  • Knife pocket (right thigh)
  • Zipped transporter pocket (left thigh)
  • Torch pocket (right forearm)
  • Durable hard sole boots


We can design and manufacture non-magnetic neoprene or tri-laminate drysuits to your required specification 

  • Available in various fabrics, thicknesses and colours including camouflage patterns
  • Neoprene or latex seals
  • Pocket options and configurations
  • Zip options and positions
  • Boot and sock options (including steel toe and latex socks)
  • Various Dry Glove Systems available


Cuff Ring System

Cuff Ring System

The Cuff Ring System has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, abrasion, chemicals, cutting oils, petrol and gasoline.

Excellent option for those interested in replacing seals quickly and easily.

Attaches directly to the drysuit.

Dry Glove Ring System

Dry Glove Ring System

Compatible with our dry glove ring system. Loss of movement or manual dexterity, due to cold hands, can be dangerous during a dive, as well as being uncomfortable for the diver. Maintaining hand warmth and a divers ability to efficiently operate their essential diving equipment, is vital to safe diving and maintaining a high level of dive comfort. Northern Diver is proud to manufacture and continue to innovate our revolutionary concept in dry diving glove systems.

Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene Fabric

Small diamond neoprene fabric has a soft hand feel with enhanced heavy 3D textural appearance.

Its abrasion resistance is higher than standard nylon fabrics making it very suitable for drysuits.

The thickness of the FO4 neoprene varies dependent on suit specifications. Standard nylon lining has a stretchable soft/ smooth texture.

Available in various colours and MTP.

Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.

Superstretch Neoprene

Superstretch Neoprene

A 4-way stretch neoprene, super stretchy comfortable and versatile. Used on the neck and wrist seals of drysuits and wetsuits.

TUV Rheinland

TUV Rheinland

Independent testing & certification of valves.

Made to Measure Available

Made to Measure Available

If a stock drysuit is not for you why not build your own?

Using our Made To Measure system you could have a drysuit meant only for you, perfect for your personal requirements. You can add numerous elements to your drysuit. Choose fabrics, pockets, boots, zipper and seals that fit your unique specification. Complete your drysuit by personalising it with you name or company


EU D of C (RNRM-MoD-Clearance Drysuit)


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