The Spectrum Mask from OTS has created the best of both worlds for divers.

You can enjoy the benefits and luxury of a FFM while also using your own regulators, thus eliminating the large costs usually associated with Full Face Masks.

Ocean Technology Systems say they’ve created the best FFM on the market and it’s the Spectrum.

Easily avoid having a dry mouth or jaw fatigue Offers clear communications (optional) Improved fit due to the double seal Five-point head harness provides a comfortable and adjustable fit, but still allows easy release in the event of an emergency Full Face Mask (FFM) design Visor provides an exceptional and wide field of vision Secure 5-point head harness Suitable for cold water diving applications Coated tempered glass/Iridium safety visor Silicone skirt Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) upper/lower visor clamps Tempured glass or Iridium visor/lens EPDM (natural rubber blend) strap and mask Glass filled Zytel® buckles and buckle locks Glass filled Zytel® inner frame

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