Thor Safety Boots



Thor safety boots come fitted as standard to the Northern Diver Thor 1600g contaminated diving suit.

These boots are ergonomically designed and protect against sharps, impacts and chemical and biological permeation.

The boot’s EPDM rubber construction incorporates a composite toe cap, a mid-sole foil, neoprene insulation and a rugged outsole. The toe cap is tested to EN12568:2010.

Our lace-up mid calf overboots can be worn with these boots.

If you are looking for a boot change on a Thor drysuit, please visit our repairs and alterations page.



  • Lined with 6mm neoprene
  • Vulcanised rubber overcladding
  • Steel toe cap & mid-sole foil conforms to the EN 12568/98 safety footwear standard
  • Black colour only


Footwear Size Chart

Thor Safety Boots Datasheet

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