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Immersion Suit FRISBOB



This Immersion Suit FRISBOB is suitable for a wide range of amphibious operations. The unique design enables the user to wear the suit over full combat dress, including footwear.


  • Medium weight fire retardant tri-laminate fabric (multi terrain pattern, other patterns available)
  • Front entry medium duty BDM dry zip with protective cover
  • MTP neoprene neck seal
  • MTP neoprene wrist seals with protectors
  • See-through pockets on front of thighs with removable plastic writing slates
  • Removable strobe pocket on left forearm
  • Removable radio pocket on right upper arm
  • Removable internal dry pocket
  • Reinforced seat area
  • Adjustable drysuit length with securing crotch strap
  • Stretch leg gaiters fitted with YKK zips – designed to quickly burst open if required


Breathable Fabric TechnologyBreathable Fabric Technology

Breathable fabric technology.


Cuff Ring SystemCuff Ring System

The Cuff Ring System has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, abrasion, chemicals, cutting oils, petrol and gasoline.

Excellent option for those interested in replacing seals quickly and easily.

Attaches directly to the drysuit.


Dry Glove Ring SystemDry Glove Ring System

Compatible with our dry glove ring system. Loss of movement or manual dexterity, due to cold hands, can be dangerous during a dive, as well as being uncomfortable for the diver. Maintaining hand warmth and a divers ability to efficiently operate their essential diving equipment, is vital to safe diving and maintaining a high level of dive comfort. Northern Diver is proud to manufacture and continue to innovate our revolutionary concept in dry diving glove systems.

Neoprene FabricNeoprene Fabric

Small diamond neoprene fabric has a soft hand feel with enhanced heavy 3D textural appearance.

Its abrasion resistance is higher than standard nylon fabrics making it very suitable for drysuits.

The thickness of the FO4 neoprene varies dependent on suit specifications. Standard nylon lining has a stretchable soft/ smooth texture.

Available in various colours and MTP.


Unisex SizesUnisex Sizes

This suit is available in unisex sizes. Look at the documents tab to view our size charts and measuring guide.


YKK® Aquaseal® ZipsYKK® Aquaseal® Zips

YKK® AQUASEAL® zippers are perfect for diving. This zip has been designed to be flexible and smooth, offering optimum protection with a film-coated tape and an innovative zipper element mechanism. Keeping the water out and you dry.

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