SOS Pea-less Emergency Safety Whistle



This non-corrosive, bright orange safety and survival whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle, it is capable of producing over 100 decibels of sound to summon help in emergency and survival situations. Loud emergency whistle, over 100 decibels

The whistle is equally useful at sea, on a mountain, or anywhere as a personal protection accessory.  It is a lightweight and non-corroding whistle which will float in sea water.  Meets ISO 12402-8 safety standards. This patented emergency whistle can be used either with a lanyard or clipped directly onto an application.

Approved for SOLAS and EN394 / ISO 12402-8 Personal Flotation Devices

This is an essential piece of any survival kit and a must to keep around your person when out and about walking, fishing, boating etc.

A basic (no moving parts to go wrong) high-pitched and high visibility whistle which floats on water and, in an emergency.


For an SOS scenario
– an internationally recognised distress signal – blow three short blasts followed by three long blasts and then three short blasts again.



  • CE EN394 ISO12402 approved
  • Capable to produce 100+ decibel sound
  • Non-corrosive and buoyant in seawater
  • The whistle has an integral clip or can be attached to a lanyard
  • New enhanced ergonomic feel
  • Finger grip area makes whistle easier to hold
  • Bright orange polypropylene construction
  • Commercial grade, pea-less design
  • Perfect for life jackets and PFDs
  • Quickly and easily slides onto your kit
  • Emergency whistle for calling for help in an emergency
  • Extremely loud 100 DB sound
  • Ideal way to raise the alarm for remote or lone workers, or for use by fire wardens and fire marshals in an emergency

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