2mm Reversible Dive Hood (Skin Face Seal)



Manufactured from 2mm superstretch neoprene, this hood offers two ‘reversible’ options. With increased flexibility and comfort and an external MA stretch nylon heavy-duty coating, for increased longevity and durability.

The Northern Diver MTP Reversible Hood is also made including our unique Ti-Ax® heat reflective technology so you benefit from superior thermal properties. The hood combines supervent technology with the added comfort of our unique Superstretch neoprene. Our one-way supervent design removes trapped air from the inside of the hood, increasing comfort and ensuring a perfect fit throughout the duration of the dive.

Originally developed for the armed forces, the head is designed to work with perforated ear pieces to allow communications systems to be used and to ensure you can easily accommodate a radio headset.

Suitable for use with either a wetsuit or a drysuit, added to the reversible design this makes the MTP Hood the ultimate versatile diving accessory.



MTP Reversible Hood Datasheet

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