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Originally developed for military use.
The Flexi-Light was originally designed for the military and special forces to support ground troops and helicopters overhead as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical light sticks. Unlike chemical light sticks, the user decides when to turn the Flexi-Light stick on or off. Replacing chemical light sticks with our reusable Flexi-Light can help achieve significant cost savings. Our Flexi lights are used and loved by many military personnel, the most common uses include: emergency
beacons, beacons of helicopter landing zones, parachute or night parachute operations, marking of team members, training, any end of signaling, perimeter protection or hazard warning, rope end indicator, indicating a clear room or naval marking for « man overboard ».


We kept the features that work.

Twist or bend the Flexi-Light without damaging it

• High intensity 8 lumens

• Burn up to 3 times brighter than traditional glow sticks
• Viewable distance: up to 3 000 m (9 842 pi)
• Depth tested up to 100 m (328′)
• Does not produce sparks and heat
Compliant double sealed construction RoHS
• Non-replaceable battery
• 100 % waterproof

• Improved on/off push button operation

• Can be used repeatedly with the on/off switch

A range of uses.

Our Flexi-light stiks have become popular in a range of different markets as a cost effective and reusable product which can be useful in a range of activities:
•military operations
• Nautical and mountain rescue teams
• Search and rescue teams
• Diving/Scuba Diving

Infrared version

We have introduced the Infrared (IR) option for military operations (the Flexi-Light IR wavelength is 625-635 NM), now available with an on/off switch to avoid confusion. IR Flexi-Lights are used to increase the safety and success of military operations at night. They are invisible to the naked eye and these Flexi lights emit a distinct thermal image, providing a tactical advantage for night operations. IRR Flexi lights allow military and law enforcement to clearly mark nighttime targets and dramatically improve shot-to-kill ratios. They are light,
durable and easy to carry.

Technical specifications

size : 110*25*12mm (4.3*0.9*0.5″)

weight: 0,025 kg (0,06 lb)


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