Coltri MCH 22/30/36 Open Compressors



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The MCH 22, 30 & 36 Coltri Open Compressors are some of Northern Diver’s largest breathing air compressors. These units will be more than capable of satisfying even the largest of dive shops or diving centres.

The OPEN model was conceived to meet the needs of very intensive uses, large refilling capacities, in warm, poorly ventilated environments or in tropical countries. It has 4 front filling connections for high pressure hoses (from 232 to 420 bar), a control panel and an electrical display. It is equipped with a three-phase electric motor and powerful pumping units (MCH 22, MCH 30, MCH 36 and MCH 45 depending on the specific model). The pumping unit located in the rear part of the structure guarantees a better cooling cycle. For the longer life of the filters, the external dryers RF 500 and RF 1000 are available. Optionals include: electronic touch screen panel, Presec for filter saturation control and remote filling panel.

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