Bio Fin



Bio Fin – Apollo made of 100% rubber, provides a soft, comfortable foot pocket and the perfect amount of weight and flexibility for top speed – with the least amount of effort and strain on your body.

Fin Size Options USA Size UK/AUS/NZ Size
XS 250mm 6 to 7 5 to 6
S 275mm 7 to 8 6 to 7
M 300mm 8 to 9 7 to 8
L 325mm 9 to 10 8 to 9
XL 325mm 11 to 12 10 to 11



  • 20 degree angle of blade ensures that the fin works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee
  • Split fin design allows for more power and less effort than any other fin
  • Increased maximum speed and reduced fatigue
  • Consistently rated as the fastest fin in the water
  • Easy quick release buckle system with finger loop



Bio Fins Datasheet

Fin Manual


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