Full Face Divator Aga Mask



Please note: Aga rail and Torches are not included. These items can be purchased separately.

The Interspiro AGA Divator Mk II Mask was designed for maximum comfort and is easy to operate in all environments and under all conditions, making it ideal for divers who work in cold or polluted water.

The DIVATOR valve is one of the most reliable valves available. It performs in even the harshest of conditions, such as mud, oil and fast-flowing cold currents.

The lightweight design with soft twin lipped rubber skirt, along with the positive pressure capacity means the mask seals well against most faces. The positive pressure is triggered with the first breath, this not only keeps water from leaking in but means that the mask is very easy to drain by simply pushing a button and holding the lower part of the mask out from the face.

A low volume visor means the positive buoyancy generated by the air inside the mask is reduced. This also means that the re-inhalation of CO2 is reduced.

The DIVATOR Mk II is prepared for underwater communication and has less turbulence noise due to the airflow design. It is also equipped with retainers for spectacle frames. It has a 5 point “spider” strap system.

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