Mask Mounting Aga Rail System



The Mask Mounting Rail System mounts easily to the side of the Divator Full Face Mask (AGA mask) making it possible to mount various accessories such as lights and cameras, thus allowing the diver to use both hands more freely.

Various torch mounts are available along with a jubilee worm drive clip to mount other shaped lights and accessories.

The system features an adjustable slider which can be moved up and down to adjust the torch beam or camera angle. Once on the system the accessory can be slid into position and locked in using the simple locking mechanism. The slider can easily be removed underwater, meaning the diver can switch between accessories as and when required.

The Mask Mounting Rail System is easily fitted to the mask without the use of tools by simply tightening two nuts by hand. It can be fitted to either side of the mask or to both sides as required.


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