Pressure Pot



The Pressure Pot is used to aid the leak testing of equipment.

As it has a polycarbonate window, it can also be used to check depth gauge accuracy.

Made from chrome plated mild steel, the Pressure Pot gives a maximum depth reading of 90m.

A Hansen quick-coupling inlet connection, quick-release 6 point locking mechanism and a straightforward display ensure simple and swift operation.



  • Internal dimensions: 250 x 285mm
  • Capacity: 14L
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 9 bar
  • Pressure relief valves: 10.35 bar
  • Maximum depth reading: 90m
  • Weight: 46.5kg
  • Inlet connection: Hansen quick coupling
  • Locking device: 6-point locking mechanism, quick release action
  • Removable plastic liner

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