154L R.A.I.D. Case



Robust. Airtight. IP67. Dust-proof. Cases.

Our 154L R.A.I.D. case made of high impact ABS with IP67 protective degree, is our largest stock size, designed for maximum protection of your larger items during transport and storage.

For your ease of use when maneuvering, the case features wheels and multiple sturdy, hinged handles. The removeable pick and pluck foam interior allows you to completely customise the internal space, allowing for extra protection and inventory control.

Not the size you’re looking for? Shop our entire range of different sized R.A.I.D Cases, to find the perfect storage and transportation solutions for your various equipment. Popular uses include storing items such as divewear and accessories, laptops, rifles, shot guns, cameras, radios, rescue and military equipment and much more.

All of our R.A.I.D. cases are injection moulded and can withstand the strains of floodwaters. They can even be submerged* and still keep all valuable devices safe and dry. They protect your delicate equipment from handling abuse and the most extreme and hazardous conditions.

Shock proof, dust proof, waterproof, un-crushable, anti-chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance

High performance against breakage and defects from outdoor military use.

*IP67 – protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.


General: Ideal for storing and carrying any suitably sized equipment, for not only diving, but any profession or hobby.

Military: Protecting and transporting guns and ammo, equipments for communication, EOD medical, etc.

PhotographyStorage and carrying of precision camera or lenses etc. The waterproof, damp proof and shockproof functions offer a better protection to your valuable devices.

Industry: Good companion for your precision meters, the R.A.I.D Cases not only offer better protection but are also portable and make outdoor work easier.



  • Professionally designed and developed strictly complying with the highest safety protection standard.
  • Patented material with a fantastic weather proof ability.
  • Working temperature range from -40℃~90℃.
  • Case body is anti-ultraviolet and impact resistance.
  • Advanced valve design, avoid troubles of pressure differences.
  • Pick and pluck interior
  • Patented design of the seal has a IP67 protection.
  • External dimensions (LxWxD) : 851*556*429mm (33.5 »*21.89 »*16.89 »)
  • Internal dimensions (LxWxD) : 763*483*402mm (30.04 »*19.02 »*15.83 »)
  • Material : engineer pp and glass fiber
  • Weight (kg) : 16.67kg (36.75lbs)
  • Volume (L) : 154L
  • Buoyancy max. (kg) : 118kg (260.14lbs)
  • Ergonomic side handle & retractable top handle
  • Wheels : Stainless steel ball bearing wheels
  • Colours: black (contact us if you require a different colour)



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