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A portable personal propulsion system, giving the diver the benefit of battery-powered propulsion to reduce fatigue during missions.

The rugged harness features a rear-mounted battery on the lower portion of the harness and a user controller module that can be belt- or shoulder-mounted. The lightweight thrusters are then mounted comfortably on the outside of the thigh.

A completely watertight sealed system that the user can replace without breaking the thruster gasket, improving overall system reliability.

The control module has 3 capabilities: on/off/hidden mode. With a speed controller that provides full forward thrust.

The OLED screen is always in mute mode until it is turned on. When turned on, the remaining battery is displayed.

In addition to the manual control provided, the controller has the ability to be remotely controlled by Northern Diver’s Nimrod underwater navigation system. This allows the diver to change their speed without removing their hand from the navigational equipment.



Maximum gas: 75 minutes*
Speed ​​at maximum acceleration: 2.6 mph


Nominal battery voltage: 25.4VDC
Maximum battery capacity: 29.4 VDC
Nominal battery capacity: 42 Ah
Maximum continuous current: 1066 Wh
Charging output voltage: 29.4VDC
Charging Output Current: 10A
Typical charging time: 240 minutes MAX

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