Alloy Hull Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)



Alloy Hull Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)
Our alloy hull, lightweight RIBs easy to transport and launch. Designed with a classic inflatable look and functionality to provide a lot of quality in a compact package.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are recognised by their rigid hull and inflatable tube sides. Militaries and Special Ops around the world employ high performance RIBs for rescue and warfare operations.The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is a high-speed, high-buoyancy, extreme-weather craft ideal for marine missions and search operations at sea.


Boat sizes
Available lengths from 3.28m to 6m


RIB Styles
We can offer a range of styles of RIB so contact the team with ANY requirement you have.

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