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KN42B Stainless Steel Blunt Tip Dive Knife



The diver’s knife has a stainless-steel blade, half of which is serrated. The knife has a sheath which may be worn either on the lifeline belt or strapped to the diver’s leg by means of two straps and buckles. A belt extension piece (support loop) is provided to enable the knife and sheath to hang from the waist belt at a low position on the thigh. The knife handle has a hole in for the attachment of a lanyard to prevent the knife from being lost.

120mm (4.75”) stainless steel blunt tip blade
Blade: serrated & sharp edges
Built in line cutter
Smooth cutting & lightweight
Durable & strength-saving
High quality plastic sheath to protect the knife, and rubber leg straps are included.
Smart quick lock / release system on the sheath for diver easy operating.
Available colours: yellow


KN42B Knife Datasheet

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