Nylon Clip For LED Flexi-Light Sticks



Designed for use with our LED Flexi Lights, these nylon clips make it easy to attach your Flexi-Light to your clothing or a piece of kit.

The Nylon Clip is a fixing option that we’d recommend as a replacement or alternative to our Flexi Light pocket styles. Our Nylon Clip provides a little more variety when it comes to attachment areas.

The nylon clip is in two sections, the clip and the stopper or plug. The clip itself easily slots onto the back of either the original Flexi-Light or the Flexi-Light V2. Once the clip is in the correct position – you must align the holes on the clip to the holes on the top of the Flexi-Light – you can then hold the clip section securely in place by tightly attaching the stopper on the front of the Flexi-Light, through both the light stick and the clip. From there, you have a strong, secure clip with a little give so that you can then slide snugly onto your chosen kit and your Flexi-Light is ready to go!

Nylon is often used as a replacement for metal bearings, this is because of its high tensile strength, good level of flexibility and impact resistance. Nylon also provides good resistance to most chemicals. We also chose to make our Flexi-Light clips from nylon due to their heat resistance and because they’re ideal for use in water as they suffer no erosion or decomposition when exposed to water. The Nylon Clip’s two piece design is an innovation on our original that evolved from our testing. Before we added the stopper section, we found that the item would occasionally slip a little in the clip. We were concerned the lights might slide out of the clip under pressure and when users jumped into the water, so we updated our design to ensure a better end product for you, our customers.

The Clip is about a 1/3 of the Flexi-Light size. Don’t worry, the clip doesn’t obscure the light from the Flexi-Light in any way.

Our Nylon Clip for Flexi-Lights is 5.5cm long by 3.5cm wide and has a depth of 2cm at its widest and 1cm at the most narrow section of the clip.



  • Nylon fixing clip and stopper
  • Designed for use with Northern Diver Flexi-Lights
  • Compatible with the original Flexi-Light & the Flexi-Light V2​
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 3.5cm x 2cm (1cm at it’s narrowest depth)
  • Weight: 0.010kg


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