Sail 95D31R maintenance-free battery



Designed to support small inflatables and tenders, perfect for trolling motors.


Basic specifications

  • Voltage 12V, Capacity 80ah, 600 A
  • Size (mm): L 310 x W 182 x H 256
  • Weight: 20.4kg

Why should you trust Sail?

Sail batteries are produced by Fengfan Co., Ltd. They’ve been developing and manufacturing batteries and power solutions for 50 years. They strive to supply the best performance, most reliable, and highly cost effective batteries worldwide.

95D31R, 12V Sail batteries are built to the very highest of specifications to cope with today’s leisure and marine electrical demands. Considered dual purpose, these premium performance batteries are designed to meet high electrical demands. They’re able to take the rigours of marine requirements as well as other luxury leisure needs like  starting & auxiliary use, on water or in caravans and motorhomes.

The 95D31R Sail battery

Part of Sail’s maintenance-free range, this 12V, Capacity 80 Ah, 600 A battery is in the maintenance-free range, because it really is! It’s designed to have very low water consumption, this means you don’t need to spend time you could be on the water enjoying your boat adding liquid or checking the liquid level. Due to technology advancements the Fengfan company have made, Sail batteries are able to start up strong, even in low temperature environments. This added to high quality raw materials, and a new shell structure means the service life is higher in high temperatures than ordinary batteries. These capabilities really set Sail maintenance-free batteries apart from competitor models.

The use of excellent alloy materials ensures that all of Sail’s maintenance-free batteries, including this 12V model have a very low self-discharge. This enables the battery to have a longer storage time and combined with the latest technology means it has a longer life in use too. The new internal labyrinth-like design means the maintenance-free series are more safe and secure. The innovative design can effectively prevent electrolyte leakage through its powerful acid-reducing and filtering functions.

Important Note:

Please check the size (full dimensions above and below) and the polarity (positive and negative terminals layout on the battery) and terminal type against your old battery or battery tray where the battery is placed in the vehicle before purchasing this battery from us.

Perfect to pair with the Smart Power battery box

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