4-Piece Double Blade Paddle



Robust 4-piece double paddle with asymmetrically adjustable blades.

This durable and versatile paddle is the perfect companion when on the water. It is easy to assemble and lightweight, making it a great option when travelling. The paddle is composed of an aluminium shaft and high-quality blades made of 40% fiberglass and 60% polypropylene, designed to cut through water effortlessly. The blades can easily be adjusted to +60° or -60° if required, using the attached push-button lock. The aluminium shaft is equipped with non-slip, yet soft rubber, allowing for perfect handling. There are also hole options enabling you to configure the paddle for left or right-handed operation. The paddle can easily be divided into two pieces, meaning it can be stored and transported in a space-efficient and convenient manner. The perfect paddle for kayaking and water sports.


  • Easy to assemble 4-piece construction
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Blades: 40% fiberglass and 60% polypropylene
  • Configuration for left or right-handed operation
  • Adjustable blade feathering for +60° or -60°
  • Non-slip hand grips & drip rings
  • Easily dismantles to 2 pieces
  • Blade length: 46 x 17.5cm width (18.1 x 6.9in)
  • Total paddle length: 230cm (90.5in)

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