4m (13’1) Safety Sling



A versatile piece of safety kit that rolls up small meaning the compact size and also the low weight make it possible to carry in the front pocket of your personal flotation device or buoyancy aid. Can also be stored inside Northern Divers Lug Pouches. The safety snake sling can be used in a variety of manners and the most popular of those is a prussik, a towing sling or an anchor point for river rescues.

The sling has reinforced stitched eyelets on each end which offers quick clipping of carabiners and the ability to rotate a large HMS screwgate through the loop. It can also be looped through itself to make a Lark’s Hitch.

  • Material: nylon tape
  • Breaking strength: 10kN
  • Length: 4m (13’1)
  • Width: 25mm (0.9”)
  • Colour: red
  • 2x sewn loops on each end
  • Velcro fastners
  • Weight: 146g (0.32lbs)

Great for multiple applications included but not limited to rescue situations, kayaking, SUPing, canoeing and rafting as well!


4m Safety Sling Data Sheet

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