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Please note: You must contact us before purchasing this item to ensure that it can be fitted to your suit. Fitting charges are not included in the price.

Our Northern Diver Cuff System was originally developed for use with the Northern Diver Thor contaminated diving suit range.

The cuff system was developed to ensure that a user can easily remove the seals from their drysuit and swap them for new ones in the field should they need to. Because Thor suits are heavily used every dive (and in potentially unsafe, polluted waters) seals can get torn or damaged so this was a necessity to support the commercial divers that use our Thors. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen active sport and recreational divers ask us to fit them to their suits.

This newer adoption tends to have been from divers who, whether for work or for pleasure, do several expeditions a year and travel in remote areas where you’d struggle to find someone who could repair your suit. The Cuff System enables active divers who go on many dive trips a year to simply take additional separate seals with them when they travel and replace them when necessary. The Cuff System and the

The system can equally be used with other drysuits. However as mentioned, please contact us before purchasing.

With the Cuff System, the user is able to easily remove the seals from their suit and swap them for new ones should they need to.

Please note that using this system requires the removal of the drysuit’s original seals.

Excellent resistance to abrasion, acids, alkalies, cutting oils and petrol is offered by the Cuff System.

The Cuff System with Seals includes:

  • 2x latex wrist seals (pair)
  • 2x cuff rings
  • 2x O-rings

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