Pony Clamp Cylinder System



The Northern Diver Pony Cylinder System allows you to join your pony cylinder to your main cylinder swiftly and simply.

Half of the system is constantly secured to your pony cylinder, whilst the additional part of the system is secured on to the main cylinder using the webbing cylinder cam band on your BCD. The Northern Diver Pony Cylinder System is engineered from anodised aluminium with stainless steel jubilee clips, making it one of the best systems on the market. The system allows you to have either left or right side mount. We have made the system as simple and user friendly as possible to use, please find instructions for use below:

Assembly Process:
Attach the tank plate to your main cylinder using your accessory straps on your BCD.
Attach the pony cylinder holder to your pony cylinder using the stainless steel clips provided.
Make sure that the rubber on the clips are correctly in place before you begin to assemble.
Ensure the clips are not excessively tightened as it is possible that this can cause them some damage.
Once all of the above has been completed, carefully slot the pony cylinder module into the main cylinder module.
Ensure a secure assembly has been achieved.

Freeing the pony cylinder can be done easily, by pushing the ‘sliding-bolt’ mechanism with one hand and removing the pony cylinder with the other hand. The bolt action is positive, which aids a ‘user release’ and evades an ‘accidental release’.

All spare parts are available to purchase separately.

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