Bio Full Face Mask



Bio Full Face mask: the world’s best field of vision in an outstanding overall package.

The ergonomically designed Bio Full Face is designed for technical, military, construction and surveying applications.

Its unique field of vision is facilitated by the Apollo Bio Metal-inspired mask with lenses that sit closer to the eye than other masks. Furthermore, the overall minimal amount of ‘dead space’ present when the mask is worn reduces air consumption and CO2 build-up.

The mask is fitted with a high performance EN140 2nd stage regulator, fixed with a stainless steel plate so that it can’t be pulled away from the mask.

Unlike standard 2nd stages, the unique design has a fully sealed system between the exhaust valve and retainer to prevent any micro leaks. The larger exhaust valve significantly reduces breathing resistance.

Other ingenious Bio Full Face features…

Surface breathing valve

By opening the SBV on the left hand side of the mask, you can easily breathe on the surface and therefore reduce overall air consumption.

Lens defogging

A demister is positioned next to the right hand lens. Simply push the button to send a jet of air across both lenses and instantly clear them. This method is far simpler to control compared to rotary valves.

Quick disconnect coupling

A simple and swift way to engage and disengage the hose, complete with an automatic safety lock. Please note: operating this in contaminated water is not recommended.

The securing flange

This is constructed with nitrile rubber, which has a high tear strength and is oil and contaminant resistant.

Attachment ready

Communications equipment can be installed by means of the two ports on either side. Equally, there is the facility to attach a magnifier, welding lens and light source.

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