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Northern Diver’s EN250-A certified Hydra regulator is designed for cold water (less than 10ºC) and more extreme diving conditions, as well as warmer water and less intensive dives.

The Hydra is supplied with a regulator case and computer case, and it’s available with a DIN or A-clamp connection. See below for the regulator’s complete specification.

First stage

The first stage system is created from a single piece of brass, which is then subjected to an electro-galvanic process.

Environmental and O-ring sealing protect the first stage’s internal mechanism from freezing, moisture and foreign matter such as salt.

The internal component parts of the first stage are made from chrome/nickel coated brass, the springs from stainless steel and the seals from nitrile rubbers. Particular attention was paid to the separation diaphragm by making it from a special rubber resistant to low temperatures.

Four low pressure ports (3/8” x 24 UNF thread) and two high pressure ports (7/16” x 20 UNF thread) feature on the Hydra’s first stage.

Second stage and emergency auxiliary second stage (octopus)

The second stage case is made from a synthetic resin highly resistant to impacts and abrasion, and not attacked by UV rays and chemical agents. The diaphragm, the exhaust valve and the poppet seat are made from silicone. The other inner components are made from chrome-plated brass and stainless steel. The mouthpiece is hypoallergenic silicone.

To adjust the breathe of the regulator, the venturi lever (+/- lever) on the second stage can be moved as required.
The octopus has the same technical specifications and materials as the second stage. The only differences are in the colour of the shield and hose, which are yellow, especially designed for easy identification in an emergency. The octopus’s hose is 1m long for quick access.

What’s in the box?

  • Environmentally sealed first stage: DIN connector option
  • Second stage
  • Emergency auxiliary second stage (octopus)
  • Padded 18L regulator case
  • Computer safe

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