CW200 Cavitation Pistol



Improved cavitation technique

Underwater cleaning and removing substances from pillars, watersides, ships and other underwater surfaces is easily done with Northern Diver Equipment’s CW200 cavitation gun. The cavitation process creates Nano voids in the water that implode when they hit the cleanable surface. The voids create high energetic shockwaves when they implode, which easily remove all dirt, fouling and deposits attached to the cleanable surface. A cavitation jet reaches further than conventional high-pressure cleaning and is most effective at a safe distance from the nozzle. Cavitation cleaning requires a lower water pressure and is therefore safer and more efficient.

Compact cavitation cleaning gun

The CW200 cavitation cleaning gun is a mobile and powerful solution for commercial divers performing under water cleaning operations. The CW200 can be used in tight spaces with its 420mm (16.5”) length and 600gram (1.3lbs) weight. The gun has light controls and can easily be used with one hand. The protection case, at the end of its lance, makes the lance tip recognizable when visibility is poor and reduces the possibility for accidents. Stepless adjustment of water pressures at the intelligent high-pressure unit make it possible to clean different surfaces, deposits and materials with the highest efficiency, and with total conservation of coatings and materials of the cleanable surfaces. Northern Diver Equipment compact CW200 cavitation gun can be used with water pressures up to max. 160bar (2.320psi).

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