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Northern Diver has designed and developed a unique and cost effective Diver Delivery Craft (DDC) specifically for Specialist Military Application.

The submersibles design evolved from listening to user groups and understanding their operational requirements. To enable divers to carry out long range, covert insertion and reconnaissance missions, this DDC offers range, speed and duration required for modern day special operations. The craft is designed for use by 3 operatives, the cox commands the sub from the rear seat. The middle position has the electronics suite which controls the thrusters for forward speed and the four balancing thrusters which keeps the craft in a stable position at a fixed depth. On the surface or semi submerged the craft is powered by an in-board 135HP petrol engine driving a water jet giving a top speed of 30knots. The range is approximately 60 miles with the single fitted bladder tank. There is additional space for more fuel bladders. These are housed in a pressurised compartment at the stern of the craft.


By using a Doppler Velocitor, Inertial Navigation and GPS the craft screens can be mission planned for underwater use. The craft will then navigate underwater to its various way points and when arriving at its destination it will hover underwater whilst the operatives exit the craft to complete their mission. It is envisaged that the craft could be sent to its return point autonomously if required. The craft in its current form has battery power for the equivalent of 10 nautical miles of travel. Since its inception, the gel pack batteries which are submersible have become available which will allow us to more than double the range underwater. Each week a new evolution of thrusters, batteries and electronics come to market, so we are constantly looking at ways to improve the craft both in electronics and performance.


Logistics, Deployment & Extraction
The DDC can be transported within an ISO shipping container anywhere in the world making it easily transportable by Sea, Rail or Road. The craft is delivered complete with a lightweight launching trailer, which can be used for simple and fast deployment using a slipway beach etc. The craft has 2 lifting points fitted, enabling the DDC to be launched and deployed over the side of ships or aerial deployment. Bespoke shipping and launching solutions can be designed and manufactured dependant on the client’s specific requirements.


Training, Support & Maintenance

We offer a fully comprehensive training programme for the pilot and crew covering the operation, navigation and functionality of the submersible along with the life support equipment and breathing apparatus. Part of the training course will cover in-service maintenance and support. A maintenance contract is available, whereby the submersible would return to DSI for an extensive service and maintenance checks or technicians can travel to site. Full through life support and maintenance parts are available. We work with the end user to ensure any product is mission ready based on individual client requirements. We understand each client may have a unique specification in mind and we are able to tailor to meet demand.

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