AVX DPV Underwater Scooter



The AVX DPV features high efficiency brushless motor, variable speed, cruise control and is equipped for hands free riding. The scooter features a 3 speed propeller with a top speed of 4.5km/h. It has been recognised as one of the most reliable diver propulsion vehicles in the world. Built for serious underwater use. The scooter is depth rated to 230 feet (tested to 300 feet) and can run up to 120 minutes. 



  • Advanced capability and improved performance.
  • High powered motor delivers incredible (speed) & propulsive force.
  • Aluminium used in the body maximises the cooling efficiency
  • Increased depth & pressure-resistant performance is achieved through our new aluminium body design
  • Environmentally non-toxic, non-contaminating (rare metals used)
  • UL, CE, SGS/ROHS approved
  • Battery technology does not contain heavy metals & does not exhibit the “memory effect” of Nickel-Cadmium & Nickel-metal Hydride solutions
  • Conventional riding, (one hand operation) & saddle riding



  • Continuous cruising time – 110 minutes
  • Average cruising range – 9.6kms
  • Speed maximum 0 – 4.5 km/h
  • Motor – DC brushless
  • Shock resistant ABS resin body
  • Three speed variable pitch propeller
  • Progressive acceleration system and rotational speed adjustment function allows precise changes to speed while in motion
  • Thermal switch protection automatically switches off if overheating occurs
  • L.E.D. battery life indicator on bulkhead
  • On the surface/neutral buoyancy underwater – 20kgs
  • Body material – ABS resin body
  • Dimensions – 720 x 340mm
  • Normal capacity – 22Ah/ (DC 29.2V)
  • Includes hand free saddle and multi-rider wings
  • Includes Ni-MH batteries and charger


The various NIMROD options can be provided as a console vehicle mounted option for use on any kind of underwater submersible as a navigation and collision avoidance system. Please see us to discuss any bespoke systems you may require. This system includes the NIMROD unit, single beam sonar & NAV QUEST 600 Micro DVL which are mounted to an AVX scooter. This system was designed for the user to navigate at faster speeds than you would get when only swimming underwater, with the added benefit of not needing to resurface. Mounting positions may need to be adapted depending on the sonar and DVL used.

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