60m or 100m Rescue Backpack with Reflective Floating Line



The Rescue backpack comes with 10mm thick technical PP rope in either 60m or 100m length.

The rucksack is constructed of ultra-durable nylon-lined 1000 denier rip-stop Cordura®. The backpack’s carrying straps are padded and fully adjustable. The 60m bag is slightly smaller and has a black and yellow design whereas the 100m is available in black and blue. Both have narrow reflective piping stitched into the seams and have high visibility reflective bands at the top and bottom of the bag. There’s a safety label printed on the back and the neck of the backpack. The drawstring neck closure enables you to get easy access to the contents, even in an emergency.
There’s an anchor point at the bottom of the bag and a quick-clip clean line attachment point, as well as an interior stainless steel D-ring that you can use as attachment point for the included rope. The polypropylene (PP) line can be used on these anchor points, or can be removed and used on its own.

10mm technical rescue reflective polypropylene (PP) floating line

Our yellow PP rope has silver reflective thread and is load tested to 1300kg. The rope not only floats in water, but it also has a high resistance to mildew and rot, making it ideal for the water rescue sector. The main load-bearing core is surrounded by a braided sheath or jacket. This jacket gives the line up to 25% of the ropes strength. It protects the load-bearing core and absorbs most of the abrasion. Our 10mm thick rope is available in 60m or 100m and is pre-marked every 10m for accurate measurement for rescue teams.

Our Rescue Backpack with Reflective Floating Line is CE approved and has a certificate number of EC.1282.0H140923.TZKTS97. You can choose between either the smallet yellow rucksack with 60m line or the larger blue backpack with 100m of the rope.

Please note: The bag colour and size is chosen based on your rope length preference; 60m is the smaller yellow bag, 100m is the larger blue bag.


  • Rope thickness: 10mm
  • Rope length: 60m or 100m
  • Rope colour: yellow rope with silver reflective thread
  • Breaking strain: load tested to 1300kg
  • Ultra-durable nylon-lined 1000 denier Cordura® bag
  • Floats in water
  • Pre-marked every 10m for accurate measurement
  • High resistance to rotting & mildew
  • Braided sheath over the main load-bearing core for protection
  • Sheath provides up to 25% of the ropes strength & absorbs most of the abrasion
  • Certificate No.: EC.1282.0H140923.TZKTS97, CE approved

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