3M Hypalon Inflatable Boat With Inflatable Floor



Our 3m Hypalon inflatable boat with inflatable floor is an excellent option for a compact, lightweight, heavy duty craft suitable for shallow water.

This responsive boat is fitted with plenty of rope, D-rings and handles, plus a bench seat.

It’s supplied in a carry bag with a manual inflation system, two paddles and a maintenance kit. Rapid inflation systems are available, as well as many other options such as outboard motors and trailers.

As with the majority of Northern Diver inflatable boats, we have a great deal of options for customers. PVC fabric is available (models may vary), plus aluminium floors, different colours and boat branding with your team crest and any other lettering.

Further options are below. For any enquiries, or for bespoke inflatables, our rescue team is on hand to assist…

  • Extra sub-waterline reinforcement
  • U-bolts fitted to transom
  • Extra D-rings
  • Storage pockets



Inflatable Boats With Inflatable Floor Datasheet


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