WP1000 Shoot Through Dry Weapons Bag



WP1000 Shoot Through Dry Weapons Bag

The WP1000 shoot through dry weapons bag has a replaceable end cap incorporated into the design to allow the operator to shoot through the bag without removing the weapon.

The nose cap can be replaced quickly and easily by the operator by means of an O-Ring system. A spare nose cap and O-Ring is provided with each bag, and housed in an internal compartment.

The bag is built with an integrated 5-finger rubber glove system for trigger access, the glove is available in 3 sizes and is replaceable by the user.

A 3 dimensional neoprene cube is built into the WP1000 weapons dry bag to catch the discarded brass rounds. The dry weapons bag features an oral inflation device to allow the user to inflate the bag to adjust the buoyancy, which also allows the bag to be used as a flotation aid.



  • Aquatex 450D tri-laminate fabric proven to be incredibly resistant to abrasion and tearing
  • Welded seams
  • YKK Aquaseal dry zipper fitted
  • Adjustable / removable shoulder straps
  • Completely dry to protect the weapon from water, sand and other contaminants
  • Oral inflation device
  • Replaceable nose cone
  • Replaceable glove system
  • 3D neoprene brass catcher

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